Welcome Aboard. Thank you for your patience while we redesigned our site. You’ve been very forgiving, and we’ll do all that we can to help you traverse the jungle that is California employment regulations. Meanwhile, some general guidance:

  • Rule #1. In California, if you have an employment questions that starts with “Can I…” the official answer is probably NO! We’re here to help you figure out if that No can somehow be transformed to Yes, or if you should just forget it.
  • Rule #2: Based on Rule #1, the HR answer is always “It depends.”  Answers are rarely simple. Or we might just be stalling while we look it up.
  • Rule #3: For simple procedural questions, look at your employee handbook first. What did you say your answer would be? And is that working? If not, let’s make a generous decision and then fix the policy.
  • Rule #4: If you think your employees are out to get you, then they probably are. But there’s a strong chance they’re just good people in a less than optimal system.
  • Rule #5: While we love lawyer jokes as much as the next person, the employment attorneys we know are pretty darn special. Yeah, you could buy a boat with one of their invoices, but litigants could sink the whole company without their talents. When we see danger, we’ll tell you to Call Saul.

Don’t ever hold back on your feedback, suggestions, or concerns. We’re in this together.

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