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Helping small and growing California companies preserve their business goals and vision by protecting their interests and assets through compliance

Online Human Resources

Online Human Resources
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When your HR’s not a whole department, we can audit and then can get things in order from blueprint to maintenance for every level of staff experience. And teach along the way.


If you don’t have knowledgeable supervisors, you could be toast despite your best intentions. We’ll give them training and tools to make good HR decisions.


The Golden State’s not always shiny when it comes to employment regulations, especially for small employers. Fortunately, WE SPEAK FLUENT CALIFORNIAN!  We’ll guide you through the rough spots and show you how to prove and document your efforts.


We develop policies and procedures that match your culture and are based on best practices. Building a solid yet flexible infrastructure helps alleviate organizational growth pains.


We might not have all the answers; however we do know how to find them. And we’ll be happy to share our secrets with you. This may be useful when the boss won’t take your word for it (or ours)!


In California every employer has a legal obligation to provide and maintain a safe and healthful workplace as well as a safety plan..  Do you have an written Injury Illness Prevention Program that is effective and easy to understand?  We can draft a plan for you that meets California specifications.

What our clients are saying…

“Thank you so much for your wise counsel and guidance. You tackled some of our thorniest issues head on.”

Diane W, COO

“Response time in HR can be critical to the success of any situation. HRxpress is always available and prompt with assistance. Their knowledge and professionalism is one to follow–they lead by example.”

Lynda C,  – Dir. Finance, HR,

“We are so honored to be taken care of by such a wonderful, calm, professional team!  So happy & will always recommend HRxpress!”

Charlotte & Birte A., Bus. Owners

“Our partnership with HRxpress began when we were a startup 12 years ago.  They have guided us through all of the complexities of HR management. Knowing HRxpress is a phone call away helps us stay on track. We highly recommend HRxpress. They are experienced, professional and easy to work with.”

Shane P. – Bus. Owner

“Thanks, Diane, for your amazing help! I feel so lucky to work with you.”

Anouk R., EVP – HR

“As a small non-profit in Santa Barbara, we rely on the expertise from HRxpress.  I don’t  have to worry about  tracking new legal updates–they send me what we need, and quickly.”

Donna F. –  Exec. Dir.