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We are California Human Resource Specialists who have provided HR solutions for companies since 1997. We take care of your HR needs so that you can focus on growing your business.

Kerry McCoy

Kerry McCoy
Founder & Principal

Recognizing that we spend most of our waking lives at work, we want to do all that we can to make workplaces vibrant, healthy and compliant. HRxpress was founded with the objective of helping small California businesses do just that by providing them with the information, consulting and materials that they need, when they need them. Sure, we have pedigrees, but  it’s more important to coach employers to use their heads and hearts for building better workplaces.

Monica Bucher-SmithMonica Bucher-Smith
Business Administrator

Well, you can’t run a business without someone who holds the whole thing together. Someone who can keep the books, answer every imaginable question, and  make it look like managing a GSA federal contract is easy. That’s what I’m here to do. Oh, and did I mention QuickBooks, PayPal, invoicing, reporting and accounts payable? Yep, that’s my domain and more. Trick is to be fast, dependable and accurate as well as just plain easy to work with. While raising two great kids in the process.

Diane Miranda

Diane Miranda
Sr. Business Partner

I’ve had extensive senior HR experience providing guidance and compliance over a range of industries and services, but what I  especially like is partnering with management to bring innovative HR ideas and practices into their businesses. I believe that great HR is critical to a business’s ability to achieve goals and find  success. I favor workplaces where employees are able to learn, grow and find both challenge and satisfaction in businesses where they feel valued, because I think that’s why good employees stick around.

Jill Grisham

Jill Grisham, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
HR Generalist (On-Call)

The name of my game is energy, enthusiasm, and productivity! I tend to throw my whole heart into helping organizations experience positive HR assistance! You can tell by my exclamation points!!! They say that employees spend about 90,000 hours at work over the course of their lives. I want the ones that they spend with me to be pleasant, helpful, and reflect positively on your organization! Let’s roll!

Fernanda FridenFernanda Friden
Bi-cultural Workplace Facilitator (On-Call)

¿Habla español? That’s fantastic. I find translating and interpreting Spanish to be interesting and fulfilling, but I believe in the importance of understanding the cultural context behind the language. Employees with limited English benefit from having their company’s policies and procedures explained verbally by someone who understands the nuances of their cultural thinking, history and background. I believe that it makes them better able to understand what’s expected in their workplaces and produce better results. And of course I make a lot of new friends.

Helene Schneider, PHR

Helene Schneider, PHR
Sr. Business Associate & Trainer (PT)

Who says you couldn’t be mayor of the city and an HR specialist as well. Twice the fun! I’ve been doing the sexual harassment prevention training for HRxpress since time began. And now look, it’s finally getting national attention. I like calming the waters, getting people to collaborate productively, and solving problems. Supervisors and managers need all of the help and training they can get to face complex workplace issues and often confusing regulations, while they work to  promote positive employee relations.


We draw from a network of excellent specialists in whose work we trust.

We can’t know everything, but we can sure look for local experts who do, like employment attorneys, benefits brokers, trainers, safety specialists, translators/interpreters, payroll companies, executive coaches, organization development specialists, workplace investigators and HRIS providers. They are our teachers and advisers. They’re extremely generous with their knowledge and expertise, which we’re certainly happy to share with you.

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CONTACT US and let us know what you need. Chances are we’ve done it before. We customize your project to fit your organization’s size, culture, and industry or service. We’re fast, reliable and innovative.

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