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Did you know…Human Resource Staff Training

  • Companies that train well experience better economic performance as well as a higher employee retention rate.
  • Entry-level employees often request and are encouraged by company-sponsored human resources training.
  • Lack of adequate training can make supervisors a danger to themselves and/or others.
  • HRxpress trained employees receive practical, written tools and techniques to use immediately.

Our Human Resources Training Workshops are short, lively, and interactive.  We provide practical instruction that is easy to replicate in the workplace. We conscientiously incorporate solid management theory into our training so that our instruction gives your team the tools necessary to ensure that all the proper steps to make your workplace better and safer are practiced time and again.

​Our Human Resources Training Workshops may be customized to meet your business goals and business size.  Below is a partial list of workshops we regularly perform.

Preventing and Managing Workplace Harassment

California law currently requires employers to provide supervisory employees with 2 hours of interactive sexual harassment training and education every 2 years.

The Law 

By January 1, 2020  California employers with at least five employees must provide at least two hours of sexual harassment prevention training to all supervisory employees; and (2) at least one hour of sexual harassment prevention training to all non-supervisory employees in California within six months of their assumption of either a supervisory or non-supervisory position. The training must be provided once every two years. 

What you need to do – Employers must provide sexual harassment prevention training to temporary or seasonal employees within 30 calendar days after the hire date or within 100 hours worked if the employee will work for less than six months. Contact us about Human Resources Training Workshops your employees.

Everything Disc® – Understanding Yourself and Others

Authorized Partner Everything Disc®We believe that understanding yourself and others is fundamental to both personal and team learning and development. We’re proud to offer the Everything DiSC® family of personal and team assessments to achieve that. Nothing stimulates interest like taking a dive into one’s own psyche and finding that moment of understanding why we do what we do the way we do it. We have assessment tools for individuals, managers, sales people, leaders, and teams. Click here for more information about Everything Disc®.

HR Essentials: HELP! I’m Responsible for HR

HR Essentials training, is our instructive series delivered via Zoom, where those who are assigned HR responsibilities in California with little or no formal HR training can protect their organizations by learning and exploring the essential elements of California HR administration.
The modules are designed to:<

    • Fast track you though any of 10+ HR fundamentals and their related regulations
    • Help you keep your organization in compliance while you increase your HR knowledge
    • Teach you to face California’s fearsome rules with much less trepidation
    • Direct you to the tools and resources you should have in your HR arsenal
    • Show you where to look when you need to dig deeper into a topic or situation and make crucial decisions
    • Introduce you to best practices in HR

These are weekly one-hour interactive coaching modules that encourage your questions. We’ve designed the in order, but you don’t have to choose them in order. Session topics include:

    1. Role(s) & Mindset for Powerful HR (Making HR a powerhouse–much more than a bunch of tasks if you have the right approach. Module includes one complimentary Everything DiSC® personality assessment, a $54 value)
    2. Overview of HR & the Law (Untangle the complicated interplay among federal, state, and local regulations, and recognize the red flag areas in each)
    3. Building and Maintaining a Handbook (In a dispute, your employee handbook will be your best friend or worst enemy. Carefully crafting and updating required and discretionary policies)
    4. Employee Files & Recordkeeping (Keep, file, or throw away? There’s more than just one employee file needing privacy and confidentiality)
    5. Elements of Good Hiring (Learn to hone the process of recruiting, interviewing, and offer letters, and become a supervisors’ hero)
    6. Onboarding & New Hire Paperwork (Making a new employee’s first experiences with your organization a positive one, while completing the necessary and required California paperwork)
    7. Payroll & Overtime (Learn basic regulations and calculations, and the implications of alternative work schedules)
    8. Exempt vs. Non-Exempt (What’s the difference and why does it matter so much? Learn how to make the right distinctions as well as the correct timekeeping for each category)
    9. Receiving & Handling Complaints (How to take in, process, document, and resolve complaints, using practice scenarios)
    10. Safety & Health Obligations (How to document and deliver the “safe and healthful workplace” that California law demands , including crafting the required IIPP –Injury & Illness Prevention Program–and similar documents)
    11. Workers’ Comp Basics (Learn the essential requirements and procedures for both employers and employees)
    12. Managing Leaves of Absence (Who can be absent, when, why and how long? Learn mandated vs. discretionary leave and the attendant forms and documents)
    13. Pregnancy Disability (This session could make you the only one in your organization who really understands the interplay of pregnancy, medical, and family leave requirements, paperwork, and procedures! )
    14. Employee Terminations (Focusing on involuntary terminations; how to handle goodbye meetings, final paychecks, unemployment insurance and exit interviews, as well as the basic paperwork).

Each Module above is $150. You must sign up for a minimum of 5. They’re also limited to a maximum of 2 participants per organization. Contact us if we can set up a schedule for you or someone in your organization. or

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